Concert with Ensemble Exposé

27 May 2010 @ The Warehouse, London SE1


Migrant Sound launched its activities with a concert of premières of works by Greek composers who live, teach, study and produce work that is mainly performed outside Greece. The concert took place at the Warehouse, on the 27th of May 2010. The aim, in collaboration with Ensemble Exposé, was a first contact with contemporary research in composition by Greeks who live and work in different European countries.


  • The participant composers are researchers active in various fields of music making. Having studied and worked as musicians in and outside of academia, they produce work that is the result of fusion, juxtaposition and exchange between contemporary international movements in composition, the arts and the identity of the Greek diaspora. Their compositional output has been appreciated through successful participation in international competitions, academic research, awards and scholarships, collaboration with distinguished performers and the release of recordings in a variety media.

    Migrant Sound - Press Release (Download as PDF document)